Year in Review: Results

The KONY 2012 campaign started as an experiment. Could an online video make an obscure war criminal famous? And if he was famous, would the world work together to stop him? Or would it let him remain at large?

The experiment yielded the fastest growing viral video of all time. 3.7 million people pledged their support for efforts to arrest Joseph Kony.

Thousands rallied in Washington, DC and the KONY 2012 Global Summit on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) brought together seven leaders from international institutions and the affected region to talk about what they are doing to stop Joseph Kony and his rebel army.

The KONY 2012 experiment sparked more international activity focused on stopping the LRA than ever before. But Kony is still out there.


Kony 2012 Goals

Make Kony famous to create global awareness of LRA atrocities.
Pressure international governments to support the regional efforts to stop the LRA
Increase protection of civilians from LRA attacks.
See Joseph Kony and his top commanders captured by regional forces and tried by the international Criminal Court (ICC).

Epic Progress



Two LRA commanders have been removed from the battlefield, Maj. Gen. Ceasar Acellam and Lt. Colonel Vincent Binansio “Binani” Okumu.


44 radio operators from CAR and DR Congo were trained on using the Early Warning Radio Network to protect themselves and their communities in December 2012


LRA killings of civilians dropped 67% from 2011 to 2012


690,000 defection fliers have been printed and distributed across DR Congo and CAR


5 LRA (2 men and 3 women) surrendered in CAR on November 28, 2012 with a defection flier designed and printed by Invisible Children in-hand


IC constructed 3 FM radio towers to broadcast "come home" messages over 37,000 sq/km of LRA traveled territory (Mbokie, Obo, Dungu).


89% of LRA escapees credit "come home" messaging as the reason they decided to attempt escape


37 rural communities in central Africa are linked into Invisible Children's Early Warning Radio Network which uses HF long-range radios to give advance warning of security threats


The Kony 2012 resolution is introduced in the House of Representatives 8 days after the launch of KONY 2012


The European Union pledges support for efforts to stop the LRA on April 19th, 2012


The United Nations and African Union release their strategy for stopping the LRA.


Eight countries and institutions sent representatives to attend Invisible Children's Global Summit on the LRA in Washington, DC, to discuss stopping the LRA

RFJ Bill

On January 2013, Congress passed new legislation authorizing a reward of up to $5 million for information that leads to the arrest of Joseph Kony (Rewards for Justice Bill).


The signatures of 3,729,815 people from 185 countries were delivered to the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, the UN's special representative for Central Africa, and the African Union's Special Envoy on the LRA issue on June 26th


12,464 people from around the world registered with Invisible Children to attend the Global Summit on the LRA and march around the White House on November 17, 2012


700 people gathered in Washington, DC, to speak with their congressional representatives about Joseph Kony and the LRA. On November 16, 2012, there were 300 lobby meetings held.


On April 25th, President Obama personally announced the renewal of the US commitment to help end the violence of the LRA.


The U.S. Senate unanimously passes the KONY 2012 resolution which condemns Joseph Kony's atrocities and encourages the U.S. to support efforts to stop the LRA


The KONY 2012 film reached 100 million views in 6 days. Making it the fastest growing viral video in history.


3,729,815 people from 185 countries pledged their support for KONY 2012


Invisible Children became the most liked non-profit on Facebook with 3.1 million likes.

1,200 / min

#STOPKONY was tweeted 1,200 times per minute at its peak.


The KONY 2012 film continues to get 100K views every week.


KONY was the #9 most searched person on google this year.


Invisible Children's Facebook fans increased 621% this year


Invisible Children's Twitter followers grew 614%
Thousands of people, a sea of red shirts, a single purpose. On Nov. 17 Washington, DC was flooded with the contagious unity of people who wholeheartedly believe in international justice. Over 300 lobby meetings were held with members of Congress, World leaders attended the Global Summit on the LRA, policy experts broke down the hows & whys, inspirational speakers challenged us to keep fighting the good fight, and performers donated their time to talent to help us end the evening with the Global Dance Night.


The 2012 annual report sums up Invisible Children's financial statements for the year, including a breakdown of the KONY 2012 campaign.

Where do we go
from here?

Invisible Children exists to bring a permanent end to LRA atrocities. As citizens we have done everything we can to see Joseph Kony captured. The responsibility of actually apprehending him belongs with the highest levels of government. We will continue to remind our leaders of the urgency and their promises while focusing on protecting families from LRA attacks and encouraging LRA soldiers to surrender.

Where is Kony?

Kony and a small group of fighters have been moving freely in a region controlled by Sudan on the border of Central African Republic where troops haven't been allowed to pursue him. His top commanders and the rest of the LRA fighters roam hundreds of miles away and continue killing and abducting civilians.

Why hasn't Kony been caught?

1. Sudan

In order to adequately protect civilians and bring LRA violence to an end once and for all, regional and international governments must engage the government of Sudan and ensure that the LRA can no longer find safe haven in Sudan-controlled territory. Addressing this issue with Sudan will be a litmus test for how committed regional and international leaders are to bringing this conflict to an end.

2. Resource Commitment

Operations in the LRA-affected area, including humanitarian, military, or otherwise, are extremely expensive. Even the most basic humanitarian services take a lot of time and money to deliver because of the remote and difficult terrain. Resources from all engaged parties need to be sustained or increased.

3. Cooperation

The LRA operates in four countries. In order to see an end to LRA violence, it is essential to invest time and energy in coordinating efforts between regional and international governments to protect people from LRA attacks and prevent the LRA from crossing borders with ease.

How to Help


Many of the fighters in Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army are unwilling combatants and have little desire to continue fighting. They are hundreds of kilometers from home and are far removed from the original goals of the LRA. Invisible Children works with local leaders and partner organizations to send “come home” messages directly to LRA groups, encouraging them to surrender and telling them how to do so safely.

These "come home" programs have been hugely successful and, with your support, Invisible Children will continue to expand these initiatives.


Defection Fliers

HF Radio Networks