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  3. Don't make excuses. Don't shift the blame. Don't cut corners. 3 things my parents taught me that I'll def pass on to my own kids one day.

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    We are now 30 pledges away from reaching our Thunderclap goal! We're gonna make some noise together on March 13th!

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    omg Asian parents + CAPSLOCK = yelling - regular talking volume = inside voices with enthusiasm!!

  6. Asked dad to be a monthly giver. See his enthusiasm below. He's always been a cheerful giver & for that I'm grateful

  7. hahah dude this tweet was too funny. The entire office enjoyed this one! See you mañana dee!

  8. Urban are the next great revolution. Time capsule that, Twitter!

  9. Let's pray. RT “: DEVELOPING: Malaysia Airlines 777 missing between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing; 239 on board

  10. man remember your horror stories on the LIRR. Hope you're still proudly serving as the byunt bustA.

  11. dude don't come back if you tweet one more thing about your mom's tacos...😋😋😋

  12. man pdan! Miss ECF / RCF days. Casting crowns in Baltimore still is a top 5 college moment.

  13. Final thought while I wait for my bus: much easier to be impressed by people we don't know. Hard to show grace to those we know way too well

  14. Job fulfillment is not status or job description but going to bed knowing you gave it your all.

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